rzut toruń

expanding collection of rzut toruń ceramics
(there is another one not pictured)


Lucyna said...

oo wazonikiii

Anonymous said...

Have just acquired a ceramic piece R ZUT Torun...
on the rim of this vase is incised under the glaze;
the letters ...MS. Batory . I believe the piece is from
this Polish vessel built in 1934 and was used during
many evacuations, and missions in the Second World
War years. Can you tell me more ? I can send a photo
if I have an e-mail address. Cheers ! Arthur (Toronto)

marja said...

Hi Arthur! nice to have your message, i'll be happy to see your piece of Rzut. please write me marjamalvva@gmail.com
i will tell all i know:
'RZUT' was the oldest post war art and craft cooperative est.1946 in Toruń. they made various craft items: wooden toys,ceramics, furniture, textiles and rugs. As i notice all vases have number.i believe they're design/pattern sign, What is on yours?
MS Batory was in civil service up till 1969, nice to know she was equipped in Rzut items :) greetings!

marja said...

if you want i have better photos of it :)

Wendy said...

Hi Marja.
I have a small (12cms tall)jug/pitcher in yellow (brown interior) with green hand painted decoration around the rim, middle and on the handle.
The base is stamped RZUT TORUN in a circle. next to it is a large number 5. Although the handle has been repaired it is in nice condition. Is this an interesting piece?! Thank you for any information.